Sunday, September 5, 2010

This is a red flag, one to be taken seriously...

Walid Phares:

read with interest an 'as-siyassa' (of Kuwait) article on "Hezbollah car bombs deployed along the US-Mexican borders; Rep Sue Myrick warns Administration about Hezbollah's presence on the southern border. Systems copied from the Hariri explosives type."

سيارات "حزب الله" المتفجرة على حدود المكسيك مستنسخة عن متفجرات الحريري

COMMENT: This is a red flag, one to be taken seriously...

Arabic to English translation

London - Books Hamid Griavi:

The journalist she wrote a letter to Secretary of the Interior U.S. forward the information documented footage of cooperation between the "party of God" and drug barons in Mexico "and that just days before the declaration of the Mexican authorities to arrest Jamil Nasr pregnant Mexican nationality is an active member in the" Party of God "in

Focused the FBI American comparison between the four car bombs exploded on the Mexican border - the U.S. recently by remote detonation and accusations of elements of the "Party of God" crimes of assassination of Rafik Hariri and Lebanese figures the other, so collected a complete file of documents, images, and confessions "about the similarity of conditions of explosives Beirut ( despite threats of Hassan Nasrallah and his deputy, and communities.

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