Monday, September 20, 2010

Fox News reports on 9/15/10 briefing on "Sharia, the Threat to

The actual report, "Sharia, the Threat to America," can be found here:

Please take this report seriously enough to get it copied (I got one,
two-sided copy done for $17) and TAKE it to your local city councils,
your local state rep(s) and state senator)s), and if you can, to your
U.S. Rep and senator.

We are in an information war in the US: Muslim propaganda vrs. facts.
This is a fact-based report on Sharia. Read it, and ask to teach
those facts to the ones who can make a difference. Our White House,
DoJ, DoD, DHS, CIA, FBI, and Pentagon are swimming in the enemy
that's feeding them lies about Sharia. This has to change.

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