Thursday, September 16, 2010

Obama is Grounded...

As the parent of a teenager, after every 6 weeks period, report cards are reviewed.
Sometimes that review results in a loss of privileges. If my child brought home the
following report card they would be grounded for LIFE!

CBS (not FOX!) has an online poll running giving you the opportunity to grade Obama...
I took the poll and results were shocking even to me! The rest of the country IS catching on...

  • The Economy F (67.60% of the people)
  • Foreign Policy F (59.68%)
  • Healthcare F (78.67%)
  • Afghanistan F (31.93%, 22.85% gave him a D and 25.96% gave him a C on this one)
  • Iraq F (35.96%, 23.77% gave him a D and 24.39% gave him a C on this one)
  • Energy/Environment F (55.04%)
  • Social Issues F (58.84%)
  • Bipartisanship F (78.02%)
  • Overall as President F (63.76%)

So, here is the "punishment" I suggest...

Obama is grounded...

  1. No more Vacations
  2. No more Golfing
  3. The keys to Air Force One are taken away from him
  4. He must spend several hours a day studying Foreign Policy, the Economy and other subjects he is failing the American People on.
  5. No more private jet rides for his dog to Spain
  6. We could offer to get him help in the form of a tutor. Even in his worst days "W" had better numbers than this...maybe he would help out.

The bottom line here is we have a President who is FAILING the American People. A President with unfortunately A LOT of time still left in office.

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