Monday, September 20, 2010

2011 National Defense Authorization Act - We Have to Stop It!

2011 National Defense Authorization Act

"Yesterday the Senate voted another $30 billion in stimulus," he warned. "They're like someone in the last throes of alcoholism. They're in the hospital. Doctors say 'your liver's gone. There's nothing we can do for you.' The patient says, 'That's fine. I'd just like a bottle of whiskey.'

"They are incapable of not spending your money. The best thing we can do with Congress is shut it down," he said." Jerome Corsi

The 2011 National Defense Authorization Act will pass next week with more insanity in it.

  "I would of added this is so wrong I am going to walk out as this is a sham. I can't in good conscience sit here and vote on a sham and insult to this body and this Country.
I might even imply this nothing less then high treason to the Constitution and it's principles! Adding non budget amendments to a budget bill dealing with our national security is a sham and treason." - John McCain 

Allowing illegals into the Armed Services is greenlighting every crimminal in our prisons today. The good conduct metal will be in our history books and no longer possible for the new military your proposing today. You can't say those illegals who have not commited a crime as their existence in country is a crime.

You, in effect, are wishing to make our honored services into a mercenary service of those who are in this counrty for a paycheck not loyality.

I would of said ...allowing illegals to enter our national security and defense is nothing less then destroying any and all laws this nation has - to include our Constitution, and those who would vote yes are traitors to this nation!!!!!!!!!!!" Greywolf

I would personally add.. that the procedure nightmare that Pelosi has devised to endrun the way our Congress is supposed to work is also treason. "A secret hold is a parliamentary procedure within the Standing Rules of the United States Senate that allows one or more Senators to prevent a motion from reaching a vote on the Senate floor. If the Senator provides notice privately to his or her party leadership of their intent (and the party leadership agrees) then the hold is known as a secret or anonymous hold. If the Senator actually objects on the Senate floor then the hold is more generally known as a Senatorial hold." [wikipedia]

The Progressives under Obama are tearing down the very fiber of Congress making our vote mean nothing. This is treasonous of those in Congress that are perpetrating this injustice.


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