Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dirty Harry is at it again...

Desperate to be re-elected, the Senate Majority leader isattempting to cull the Hispanic vote by ramming a piece-mealamnesty plan through the Senate...

Even worse, he's using the brave men and women of our U.S.military as pawns in his dishonest amnesty game! Multiple sources are reporting that byattaching the Dream Act (a bill grantingamnesty to illegals who have either graduatedfrom high school, earned their GED, or servedin the military) to the defense reauthorization bill as soon as today - Reid is betting that Republicans will not oppose a bill that funds the troops.

This is a despicable attempt by a self-obsessedman vacant of any integrity -- desperate and willing to do whatever necessary to hold on to his job.

Pro-amnesty groups are calling Reid's plan" an important stepping stone to comprehensive immigration reform."

Reid has little time to execute his deceptive plan, and in fact, is pressing hard for a vote as soon as next week! That means we must respond immediately by blitzing Reid,and other key members of the Senate with tens of thousands of faxes demanding a NO VOTE ON THE DREAM ACT NIGHTMARE!

This is more than just another amnesty push.

Reid is now using the U.S. military - youngmen and women who depend on our tax-dollars for their safety and security.

Unless Americans respond in blistering fashion, there is agood chance that Reid may actually succeed in opening the door to widespread amnesty.

Our sources have told us a vote is expected as soon as next week.

Please take immediate action.

We cannot allow Harry Reid, or anyone else to hold our militarymen and women hostage in order to pass an amnesty bill that will lead to the destruction of our nation! After sending your faxes, please alert your friends.

To find who your Rep is, see here:  
NAME: My Name Here
FAX NUMBER: my home number with area code (no hyphens XXXXXXXXXX)

NAME: Sen. Harry Reid 
COMPANY: US Senate Leader
Fax: 2022247327 (no hyphens)

Copy and paste into body of fax:
I am outraged that Congress is considering attaching a pro-amnesty amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill. This is a cynical and cowardly act by desperate politicians who want to pass their agenda through the back door!

I oppose the DREAM Act, especially as an amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill. This is nothing more than an effort by pro-amnesty politicians to pass the amnesty agenda in a piece-meal manner. Americans are fed up with such legislative deception and we are demanding that this type of behavior stop immediately.

Vote "No" on any pro-amnesty amendments to the Defense Appropriations bill such as the DREAM Act. And vote NO if the final bill includes this amnesty provision. I will be watching closely.

He's willing to withhold financial support in favor of illegal aliens who are living in ournation!

 It's an utter abomination and we are URGING everyone to respond - to send Reid and others a stark, no-nonsense message that his actions will not be tolerated!

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