Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Free Dittocam Clip: Rush Discusses Ines Sainz [HQ]

This is so much truth about fake indignation. What the Eff are Women doing in a Mens Locker Room in the first place? The NFL should just say how sorry they are and show that this will never happen again by banning Women in the Locker Rooms of Men while they are changing and showering. The End, no more problems! Do Men go in to Women's Locker rooms at Women's sporting events?

  It's a men's locker room, full of football players. It's not like these women were going in to interview nuns at a convent. How did that one female reporter think they were going to act? She either needs to find a different job, or grow the hell up, and do her job.

  I can understand why Rush has to tread lightly on this subject. If he tells the truth about the situation then he's got the entire NOW NAGs screaming for his head on a stick (not that Freedom of Speech and Truth has anything to do with thei...r movement - double meaning there if you caught it). When a lady that looks and dresses like Ines walks into a team's locker room after a game there is going to be shenanigans. It's the most natural thing since Adam and Eve. That a hosebag who did not get any attention makes this a big deal, well, there you have the Left in all of it's "glory". Something out of nothing or "SOON".

Let's see the ingredient's; female "REPORTER" 1.Men's locker room 2. Men 1/2 - 3/4 naked 3. pretty woman 4. jokes from the men. WT? does she expect would happen. Now put a man "REPORTER" in a female locker room "WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER", this is REDICULOUS and a waste of reporting time.

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