Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dan Savage: ‘I Wish [Republicans] Were All F–king Dead’

Appearing on HBO's "Real Time" with Bill Maher, the syndicated columnist expresses his deepest desires for Republicans.

This is the same man who claimed to lick the doorknobs of Gary Bauer's campaign offices in 2000 so that the staff could catch his flu.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Obama 'shafes' at unscripted questions! NO CAMERAS!

A long-running tiff between the White House press corps and the West Wing over presidential access flared anew today when press secretary Jay Carney faced off with reporters over the right to shout questions at the president during debt talks.

Obama chafes at the time-honored practice of answering questions shouted at him during pooled, non-press conference events — and his staff has often opted for “stills sprays,” excluding print reporters or TV cameras who might capture Obama in the less than flattering non-act of snubbing a query.

When asked today why TV crews and print reporters were barred from the pool covering the White House meeting with congressional leaders on the deficit, Carney responded by pointing out that the administration has held two press conferences in the past two weeks and allowed TV cameras into the spray earlier this week.

"People shouted questions at him," Carney added.

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Search Rape At Rochester, NY Airport

New Port Richey couple says TSA search went too far
New Port Richey, Florida - Airport security is a part of traveling these days, from walking through X-Ray machines to being patted down. But one New Port Richey couple contacted 10 News to say the search they received went too far.

"It was extremely thorough, almost a violation, "says Jason Steitler as he describes how a TSA official searched him at the Greater Rochester International Airport July 6th. Steitler's disability requires he uses a wheelchair.

"They did the hair then did the neck. Then they had me do a pushup in my chair, then got down into my inner thigh around my back side. It's the most thorough search [I've] had done in my life," says Steitler.

Steitler and his wife, Jennifer, were heading home to New Port Richey that morning. She too is in a wheel chair and was searched by a TSA official.

"She's been using the phrase 'search raped' because it was that thorough. She says it was nearly to her crotch," says Steitler. "I feel the chair should have option of either scanner or searches, but automatically we're being thrown to being patted down."

Steitler says they've complained to the TSA about their experience at Rochester International Airport, but all they've received back is a standard form letter.

"Just the standard reply to everything: 'In order to fly you have to be searched,'" says Steitler.

In an email to the Steitlers, a TSA official writes, "We apologize for any insensitivity or inappropriate treatment you experienced during the screening process."

In another email, a TSA official says, "We believe these security measures are necessary and appropriate for ensuring the security and confidence of all air travelers."

The Steitlers say they are not opposed to the searches, just the way the disabled are treated when it's done. Steitler says, "Generally, be fair about it. Don't hold the disabled up to more scrutiny just because they are in chairs."

Noah Lebowitz, the director of communications for Monroe County and spokesperson for Greater Rochester International Airport, tells 10 News in a written statement, "The Greater Rochester International Airport always strives to provide outstanding customer service to our passengers and ensure that they enjoy a convenient and safe travel experience. The security screening protocols in question are the jurisdiction of the federal government through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). If any passenger believes that our airport could have provided them with an enhanced customer experience, we encourage them to contact us."

Steitler says he plans to become an advocate for the disabled until he feels the security protocol is fair and equal for all.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Democratic Socialists of America reach their goal ahead of time

by a12iggymom
“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.” – Norman Thomas, American socialist and presidential candidate
March 17, 2011 Kerem Oner
DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) is the largest socialist organization outside of the CPUSA (Communist Party U.S.A.) honest enough not to masquerade as something other than what they are.
In fact, the CPC (Congressional Progressive Caucus), with its 83 declared members, openly espouse the principles of socialism and publicly had signed onto the agenda of the Democratic Socialists of America. It was organized by the DSA per DSA’s own admission. Like Obama with his seemingly multitudinous radical associations, the current estimated number of Democrats who were active in DSA (or had very close associations with likes of DSA or CPUSA), is well above their 1997 goal of 50 congressional members.
Conservatives must stop playing by the rules of Marquis de Queensbury and understand that the road back to a truly constitutional republic will be long and at times frustrating. After all, it took the left better part of a century to erode the institutions that made America what it is. Only total commitment and willingness to get down and dirty will successfully counteract the radical goals the left has been patiently working towards for decades. The lesson that DSA teaches us must be heeded if we hope to get back and preserve an America that our founding fathers would be proud of.
[this is NOT the Socialist Party, USA. It is the more radical marxist DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA, which was created by members of the New American Movement (NAM), an SDS offshoot, a few marxists from the Socialist Party, former Communist Party USA members (Obama’s friends, Quentin Young, Milt Cohen, etc), and other disaffected marxists (esp. from the original 1960’s Socialist Scholars Conference crowd).]
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Caucus Members

Vice Chairs
Senate Member
House Members

New Tone… Top Democrat Indicted For St. Louis BOMBING (Video)

What a shock. Another violent bomb-planting leftist…

Democratic strategist and bomber– Milton H. “Skip” Ohlsen III. (P-D)
Top local democrat Milton Ohlsen III was indicted today for planting a bomb in a parking garage that injured a local attorney.

The democrat hid his identity behind balloons after planting the bomb.
FOX 2 reported:
A former Democratic political operative has been indicted by federal authorities for allegedly planting a bomb in a CLayton parking garage in 2008. The bomb went off, seriously injuring a Clayton attorney. Police believe he was not the bomber’s intended target.
Milton Ohlsen iii nicknamed “Skip” is well known to law enforcement. He’s also well known in Democratic political circles. The feds now say he’s the one who planted a bomb in a garage at 190 Carondolet plaza in Clayton on October 15, 2008.
Federal prosecutors say ohlsen made the bomb and put it in the parking garage where it went off and injured clayton attorney John Gillis.
Federal agents say Gillis was the wrong target. They say Ohlsen was actually trying to kill attorney Richard Eisen who drove a similar car. Eisen represented Ohlsen’s wife in a messy divorce case.
Starting in 2004 Ohlsen was used as a consultant by the Missouri Democratic party. He even had lunch at the governor’s mansion with then-governor Bob Holden.
Hat Tip Ed
The bombing victim John L. Gillis said he was doing “reasonably well” after receiving a series of skin grafts to treat burns caused by the bombing.
Figures. Local Top Dem Involved in St. Louis BOMBING

Saturday, July 9, 2011