Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Survival garden in your backyard could trigger an unannounced visit from federal inspectors-and seizure and/or fines of your 'unauthorized' foods.

While the FDA was ordering a massive recall of more than 500 million eggs last month, many citizens were wondering just how dangerous the 'threat' from salmonella was. In fact, a review of the Center for Disease Control's website offered no information that anyone has died from the batch of suspected eggs, despite assurances by the FDA in July of this year that the new, more stringent controls would prevent 79,000 illnesses and 30 deaths. So far the highest estimate of total possible illnesses is in the 'hundreds'.

  This shocking revelation has led many to conclude the government's aggressive actions are part of a deliberate strategy to exercise even greater control over the nation's food supply, while others have gone so far as to suggest the Egg Recall of 2010 is nothing more than a 'False Flag' event designed to create panic and mistrust.

  James Gormley, a writer based in New York City, writes that, "Products not grown according to designated standards will be considered adulterated and your business records will be subject to warrantless searches by inspectors from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), all this without any evidence that you have violated any law".

  This would mean that survival garden in your backyard could trigger an unannounced visit from federal inspectors-and seizure and/or fines of your 'unauthorized' foods.

  Mr. Gormley notes that the House version of the Senate Bill is even worse. "The Secretary of Health and Human Services will have the power to prohibit all movement of all food within a geographic area, whether the food is in your grandmother's grocery bag in her Toyota Hybrid or on a flatbed. No court order will be needed, just a phone call to the appropriate state official and a public announcement will be sufficient."

  Bill Heid, the founder of Solutions From Science, explained in an interview today that this development, while appalling, isn't a surprise. "Those with knowledge of history and an understanding of who the enemy is aren't surprised at these events. The government needs a crisis to implement its plan for total control, and while the economic crisis they engineered has America on its knees, we've not given up, so the next stage of their plans must involve a direct threat to the food supply. History has shown that when a population begins to starve, they're willing to accept the kind of totalitarian rule the elite have in mind".

  It is this very concern that has led hundreds of thousands-perhaps millions-of consumers to seek food independence through survival gardens, a twist on the freedom gardens started in the 1940s. But for an immediate, short-term solution while the garden reaches production maturity, increasing numbers of families are starting their emergency preparations with bulk storage of dehydrated food items.

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