Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stop Cap & Trade

Stop Cap & Trade – RGGI Protest Today
In New York City, Wednesday, September 8 at 11:00am

This week our battle to put a stop to Cap & Trade takes another big step forward.
Open Records Lawsuit Filed
Last month, AFP told you about the exposé on RGGI by online investigative website New Jersey Watchdog.
The New Jersey Watchdog story revealed how RGGI stonewalled the investigation into who is buying and selling the allowances on this government-created carbon commodities market. RGGI bureaucrats claimed that the agency was a non-profit not subject to OPRA (open public records requests) despite being the creation of ten state governments.
Now, New Jersey Watchdog has taken the next step in their investigation by filing a lawsuit against the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The DEP is responsible for supervising the RGGI auctions and also refused New Jersey Watchdog’s request for information.
The lack of cooperation by the DEP, a government agency, and utter lack of transparency of the RGGI operation exposed by the New Jersey Watchdog reports is stunning and all the more reason to put a stop to this scheme.
RGGI Protest in Manhattan
Today, hundreds of determined AFP activists will join together in Manhattan striving to do just that – put an end to RGGI.
They will take a bold a stand against this secretive Cap & Trade program. While the RGGI bureaucrats are huddled inside their posh offices near Wall Street and conducting their latest auction of carbon permits, free market patriots will be protesting outside calling for the end of the clandestine RGGI scheme.
Make no mistake, the stakes are rising and the left is starting to go into attack mode. Liberal environmental websites are defending the RGGI Cap & Trade scheme. These enviro-zealots, wed to the discredited global warming fraud, will continue to push for a job-killing energy tax.
To the left, the “greater good” means fewer jobs, higher utility bills, less prosperity and more misery for the rest of us.
You and I cannot allow this to happen.  Today, in Manhattan we will continue the fight to stop Cap & Trade before it is too late.
If you cannot be there with us, there is plenty you can do. Start writing letters to the editor. Start calling talk radio and exposing the RGGI scheme. Get in touch with your legislators. And call Governor Christie’s office at 609-292-6000 to tell him that you expect him to put a stop to RGGI now.
New Jersey legislators
New York Assembly and New York Senate

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