Friday, September 10, 2010

Flight 93 Islamic Memorial in Shanksville PA

‎"The Flight 93 National Memorial partners have said all there is to say about the conspiracy theorists," Joanne Hanley, the National Park Service's superintendent of the Flight 93 Memorial, told "We will not re-engage with these people."
They have refused to talk with Rawls, Burnett and others since 2002 when they opposed... this design with many other 9/11 families. They were immediately dismissed, called racists, banned from further meetings or simply not told when they were being held. This is how they treated all discent.

According to one of several official websites dedicated to the project, the continuous sound of the chimes will serve as an "audible reminder of the selfless acts of courage" displayed by passengers and crew.
But the newspaper ad notes that the tower is "cut at an angle at the top so that its crescent arms r each up into the sky. Crescent-topped minarets are a daily sight across most of the Islamic world. Is this really a proper marker for the victims of Islamic terrorism?"
The minarette was the final straw for me. I could see changing the very shape on the crash site from the cross to a bowl...maybe. (There are arial photos showing the cross shape the plane made) But to ADD the minarette AFTER they knew their were concerns was just arrogance and a slap in the face to Americans.

"This memorial solely honors the heroic actions of the 40 passengers and crew, who defeated the terrorists," the site reads. "The intent of the architect was to honor the passengers and crew. When questions were raised about the design, they were taken very seriously."
Really??? Then WHY are their 44 glass blocks of "rememberance"?? Three to glorify the 3 murderers is why!
Oh and the last un-named 44th block???? IT POINTS TO MECCA! Now HOW m any coincidences are we to accept? See More

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