Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Farmer Sued for Growing Too Much

Doctors and health studies constantly tell us we don't eat enough fruits and vegetables, but government officials are after one grower who, apparently, grew too much?

In what neighbors are calling "Cabbagegate," code enforcement officers in Georgia have fined a homeowner for growing too many vegetables on a piece of land that was not zoned for it, according to WSBTV. Dekalb County officials soon altered the zoning laws, permitting the man to grow the vegetables, but officers still want the past due fines.

The homeowner/farmer, who takes some of the vegetables and sells them at a local farmers market, says he will fight the fines.

We can understand code enforcement officers being strict, because who wants a dump next to their house. But considering we are a nation of fatties, you would think local officials would ease up on the vegetable police.

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