Monday, September 6, 2010

American Socialist pushing for new ‘Labor Party’

On Labor day 2010 the Marxist and Socialist movements are calling for a push to orginize a new political party.  The “Labor Party”.   Joel Rogers of COWS and Apollo Alliance, ( Apollo authored Obama’s Stimulus package) started out setting up a 3rd party based on Marxist philosophy in the mid 1990s.

The “bus them in from out of state” Astor-Turf organizers like SEIU and AFL-CIO will no doubt be pushing Socialist candidates and if they cannot seat a Socialist candidate already on the Democrat ticket, they are libel to run one of their own extreme left candidates from the labor ranks themselves.  America, Freedom is under attack from all fronts.

The likely-hood of this new Labor Party being born is almost guaranteed.  You have to understand that utopiatic Socialist have no room for moderation or views that are not their own.  They will not stop until their collective thirst for power is satisfied.  New York already suffers from a similar madness with the existence of the “Working Families Party” and how it is using Fusion Politics to elect 3rd party candidates and skewing the election by posting candidates of the WFP on both Democrat and Republican ballots.

It is interesting how a Google search on working falmilies party shows the organizations website in the company of Communist Party USA and Socialist Party USA websits.



Is Google profiling? Or using Common Sense in managing to group these orginizations together?  A  look a bit further down will even show Democrat Party as a close search result set.   These “Big Labor” political based unions may claim to be For the American Working Family, but Google shows they are nothing more than socialist Communist orginizations.

In a partisan decision that surprises no one, the Obama Justice Department has dropped its investigation of the N.Y. Working Families Party.  The Working Families Party is a labor union front for the disgraced leftist ACORN organization  (the two organizations shared office space in Brooklyn).  The Working Families Party now controls the New York Democratic Party.

The New Party endorsed Senator Barack Obama in his bid for Illinois State Senate Seat.



We already know and see how these far left activist are with indoctrination and propaganda.  They will say or do anything to obtain the ends to an agenda.


Are these really the people you want teaching your children and running our country? Most of the Unionized Americans do not know that when they pay union dues that money goes to support these leftist leaders and their agendas . Do you think Patriotic American Union Members would continue to pay these Socialist promotion fees Union Dues if they understood the ramifications of the total destruction of Capitalism and the Free Markets is funded by doing so?

Offer the candidate if you want to but stop disguising what you are if you want to have any respect at all.  At least be publicly honest about the Marxist agenda.  The only place you find the truth about what is behind these unions is on the Marxist websites themselves.  The Unions websites will not advertise the outright Communist ideologies on the Union main site as that of “Communism”.  It will not be where the day to day union members may see outright what they are supporting and paying for with union dues.  The death of America.

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