Friday, June 10, 2011

Palin To Politico: Bachmann Quote is A “Deliberate Fabrication”

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Palin To Politico: Bachmann Quote is A “Deliberate Fabrication”

“I built this constituency, not Bachmann, not anyone else,” she said.
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Former Governor Sarah Palin posted on her SarahPAC blog that the quote attributed to her in a recent Politico opinion piece by Mark J. Rozell and Paul Goldman was never something that she said. The quote, which could serve to stimulate even more of the potential rivalry between Palin and Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann that has been making headlines in recent days, was apparently taken from her during her bus tour through the Northeast last week, and Palin slammed the online publication for the article, calling it “absurd”.
An absurd opinion piece in Politico includes a quote attributed to Governor Palin that is a total fabrication and yet is deliberately written to appear as if it is a legitimate direct quote. By any standard this is unacceptable even for an opinion piece. This puts us in mind of a real quote of something Governor Palin actually did once say to the media: “Quit making stuff up.”

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