Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Looks like the ChiCom have taken over the internet and are censoring posters...

This is the post WP says is verbotten...because the ChiComs say so! The links WP banned are:
http://www dot shanghaidaily dot com/nsp/National/2011/06/16/Destination%2BAmerica%2Bfor%2BChinas%2Bcorrupt%2Bofficials/
http:// kerr organization dot com/wp/2010/10/13/china-buying-u-s-properties-as-investment-in-u-s-real-estate-grows/, broken in case blogger is too controled by the ChiComs...Is the real estate company doing illegal transactions and thus do not want their name out's all I can if I disappear here too, ya'll know why...I will NOT be silenced from telling the truth...

Russia and China's New World Order: Chinese President Calls for Global Governance  

Why wasn't this a large news story in June?
Why do we continue to allow record numbers of Chinese foreign nationals with increasing numbers every year to our best colleges and at the same time displace our own students?!
Not just that but they have infiltrated all levels of our top universities, corporations, military contractors, and government. These are the insiders that can sabotage and commit espionage against us and at the same time they continue their plausibile deniability as they engage in high level cyber attacks without restraint on our systems on a daily basis.
Why do we continue to let ourselves be used and taken advantage of and continue to do our best to train foreign nationals how to compete and fight against us better?
Where is America’s sense of patriotism that would band together and rise to the challenge of the Communist Chinese front on all sectors of our country.
Now, how much corrupt dirty Chinese money is flooding our economy? Buying our land, businesses and property and using it as a platform to mass migrate and take over.

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