Friday, June 10, 2011

'Palestinians expressing second thoughts over UN path'

They can't have a state without funding. As the U.S. is their primary sourse of revenue, you do the math. The Arab League and all the arab/moslem countries talk a good game of support, but when push comes to shove, It's the U.S. and foreign investors that run the PA.

Sources say Abbas wants to "climb down from tree" of plan to pursue UN recognition of state, but he can't due to Palestinian pressure, AP reports.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas wants to "climb down from the tree" and restart peace talks, but can't due to widespread pressure, the Associated Press reported Thursday, quoting Palestinian sources.

The sources said that faced with opposition from the US regarding plans to seek recognition of a Palestinian state at the UN this September, several senior Palestinian officials are advising Abbas to forgo the plans.

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PA may delay plans to ask UN for statehood in September
PM to lobby Eastern Europe against Palestinian state
'Spain will recognize Palestinian state on 1967 lines'

However, the sources say there is a feeling that having announced his intentions to pursue the UN path, Abbas has "left himself with little room to maneuver and may proceed with the UN gambit simply to avoid a loss of credibility," the AP report said.

One official was quoted as saying, "We are trapped with September. We don't know what to do after that."

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