Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FORUM FOUND: A look inside the mind of erad3 (most-likely Jared Loughner)

If you watched the disturbing video of Jared Lee Loughner, he mentions a “forum”.
Loughner video:
I, and the forum moderators, it seems, believe at least one has been found.

We here at, our owners, staff, and membership find ourselves in the unfortunate position of apparently being one of the largest (if not the largest) repositories of online postings by someone who has been classified as a “monster” (among other things) due to his (accused) actions of two days ago. Online research that began on Reddit, and continued here on ATS has resulted in an overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence to support the notion that the “erad3″ member account here is Jared Loughner. Indeed, the content found in more than 4,000 Google search returns (including some pages in the mainstream press) have drawn the same conclusion.
This is a rather unique situation, to say the least. I and our staff have been considering if we should provide a public statement, and if we do, what should we say? Especially since we’re already being contacted by the media for comment and more information.
The postings of “erad3″ reveal someone who clearly has many questions for which answers have been elusive if not outright impossible to obtain. And despite the best efforts by many of our members, it seemed there were no answers to be found here for which he was satisfied.
As is often typical, recent analysis in the media is rampant with all manner of conclusions, second-guesses, exaggerations, distortions, and missing information. The opinion of the staff and owners of is that it serves the public interest to provide an easy method to access every post made here by erad3 (normally, visitors must be logged-in to view such information).
Topics authored by erad3:
All aboard with the empty NASA Space Shuttles! (July 13, 2010)
Did NASA Fake the Mars Rovers? (July 12, 2010)
Infinite Source Of Currency!?!? (July 8, 2010)
Why is the year infinite in the date? (July 7, 2010)
Replies authored by erad3:
Posts by erad3
There appear to be no clues in these postings (the last on July 13th, 2010) that would raise any kind of “red flag” (at the time) beyond someone struggling with unanswered questions.
Some will noticed that his account has been terminated. This has been done to protect the integrity of a now widely known member account here: there is now such a great deal of information available which might provide clues to guess the password and either post as him, or obtain personal data.
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See the 130 or so postings here:


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